Disappear Here.
Slip & Slide.

The time is 2:36 am. I just got back from my friends house and I am very turnt up, so to speak. 

Today was a such a great day. I can actually say that in confidence because my days are usually filled with annoyances and dull conversations. We went to a friend’s house where’s it’s always a pleasure. I took two shots and contiued with whiskey and coke to the point I felt comfortable and went on thorugh the night smoking pot as well.

A good friend told me about the time he pulled a prank called The Slip & Slide. Which is basically standing on the roof of someones vehicle and simultaneously urinate and shit on the windshield, so the turd slides on the urine, thus the name the Slip & Slide. The funniest part was when he told me about his standard size logs and how solid of a mass they are. I just about died from laughter.

Now I’m laying in bed with my brother on the other side and we’re watching Adventure Land and I feel happy :)

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