Disappear Here.
Disappear Here.

“I will admit the possibility that I am Robert Porter, if you will admit the possibility that I am from K-PAX. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a beam of light to catch.” 

Baby. Let’s get out the good china.

High as balls: live from the Cannabis Cup Here’s a fact: humans love to get wasted. Long before there were laws, long before there was beer, there was marijuana — a drug that had fallen out of legal favor in America completely by the 1930s. Alcohol had a similar falling-out with the Federal Government in 1920, but by 1933 legislators realized that the benefits of legalization and taxation would far outweigh the consequences of continued prohibition. It’s taking America much longer to make the same realization about marijuana. But it is happening, and as it does the country is realizing that a raging stoner is far more tolerable — and maybe more commercially exploitable — than a raging drunk.
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James Zar ~ "Kali"
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